Successful Penetration into a New Market

  • Company Description

Wittenberg Weiner Consulting, LLC is a small, woman-owned consulting firm specializing in the policy, management and operational needs of U.S. government clients.

  • Problem

WWC had a website but did not believe the site was generating many leads or interest from potential clients. Their Italy market had matured and they were seeking to expand into Germany. When WWC came to Portaviola Design new business was generated strictly from referrals of satisfied clients. In order to penetrate the Germany market WWC would need to make cold calls without the benefit of a recommendation.

  • Solution

Since the website would be the first point of contact, the appearance, information organization, and content were completely overhauled. The goal: make a first impression on visitors on par with the exceptional reputation already established in the Italy market. In addition to the web redesign, Portaviola refreshed the logo, designed new business cards, and developed a pocket folder and brochure template system (in MS Word) for use further along in the sales process.

  • Results

Not only are cold calls successful following the web redesign, potential clients are now attending initial meetings ready to talk details instead of waiting to be convinced WWC is the right company for them. Some have even shown up with pages printed from the website they wished to discuss further.

  • Client Testimonial

On our first phone call, Portaviola immediately understood what we were trying to accomplish. They helped us frame our thoughts and chart a course from point A to B. They were an invaluable partner offering expertise and resources throughout the process. We highly recommend Portaviola to any company looking to take their website to the next level.

  • Before
  • After